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Homes are confusing. Atleast, the idea of what consitutes a home eluded me as a child. A question that became increasingly unanswerable once I understood that where I was from and where I was born were polar opposites in just about everything, including their location on the globe. Was home suburban Washington? Kazakhstan? Or was with my parents definitive enough to consitute an acceptable "answer"?

In recent years, I've shed the notion that a place of residency occupies the term home because -- aside from the problematic implications of this -- there have been countless times that dozens of other spaces would have provided more comfort than the one I was sleeping at. Home became open to interpretation. Maybe, even, many spaces qualifed as home at one time. Home as in a physical building. Home as in where you can trace my lineage to. Home as in a city, state, country. Home as in with a person or a set of people whom I love. Home as in whatever I choose to wake up tomorrow and decide makes me feel like home. I mean, when we say "home" aren't we really communicating a feeling -- however we percieve it -- rather than something rigid? I could be wrong.

Nonetheless, this is an attempt to delve deeper into exploring this feeling. An attempt to project my interpretation of home onto a virtual space -- outside of the rigid structure of what we expect a website to look like. Outside of an Instagram layout, a Twitter feed. Complete curation. To fill this space with things that move me and the things I make from being moved. An attempt to create comfort in a virtual space that is entirely my own.

Feel free to move around.